How Much Does A Calgary Home Inspection Cost?

This is the most popular question we get asked by people inquiring about our services. The Inspection fee is based on a number of different factors. While there is no standard fee guide to regulate home inspection prices in Calgary there is an industry standard which most companies will stay within in order to stay competitive. While we can’t speak for other companies, Nu Level Inspections base our fees on the following:

1) Square footage: This is the approximate size of the home (not including the basement). The basement still gets inspected, but it does not affect the price of the Home Inspection. As the size of the home gets bigger, there is more for the inspector to evaluate, and therefore the cost would increase accordingly.

2) Age of the home: As a home gets older, they can become more complicated to inspect. Years of “homeowner repairs” can be quite time consuming to go through and ensure a thorough Home Inspection. Typically, additional fees are applied to homes that are over 50 years old. So a home built in the 1950’s would cost more to inspect than a home of the same size, built in the 1980’s. Accordingly, a Century Home would cost more than a home built in the 1950’s.

3) Additional Services: We offer additional services that can be added to any home inspection. Mold testing (air quality tests), Radon testing, swimming pools & spas, etc. would all increase the price of the inspection. We include Thermal Imaging with every home inspection at no additional cost.


The price of the Home Inspection also takes into consideration the Home Inspection report. 
After the inspection is complete, your inspector will write a report containing all the information gathered during the inspection and provide it to you. This report can easily add an hour or more to the inspection time. The inspection fee will also include travel time for the inspector. As
 a general rule of thumb, a standard Home Inspection in Calgary should be within the $400-$550 range, before any additional services. Please be sure to read our bl
og How To Pick The Right Home Inspector It details all the requirements for Home Inspector licensing and the importance of hiring a licensed inspector.